Substance Abuse Treatment Therapy

Counseling Programs to Treat Substance Abuse
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12-step programs are support groups that help people with substance abuse disorders to achieve and maintain abstinence. Participants share experiences and encourage each other.
By helping patients gain awareness of negative or inaccurate thinking, a therapist helps them cope with emotional challenges, stressful situations, and mental health disorders.
Giving up an addiction is like losing a friend or a way of coping with life. Grief therapy allows the recovering addict to process the feelings of loss and sadness in a healthy way.
Led by a professional, a small group of people dealing with addiction works on problem-solving skills while learning how to interact in new ways and openly express thoughts and feelings.
In one-on-one sessions, a recovering addict focuses on stopping substance abuse, sticking to the recovery plan, learning coping skills and preparing to live a healthy, sober life.
This type of therapy helps recovering addicts for whom trauma, such as sexual abuse, violence, grief, or physical and mental abuse, played a role in the development of their addiction.

Continuing the Journey to Sobriety Through Substance Abuse Treatment Therapy

Detox is just the first step on the road to recovery. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation therapy programs or substance abuse treatment therapy programs help substance abusers understand and change their behaviors, so they can stop using drugs, remain drug-free and resume a productive role at work, home and in society at large.

The goal is to give in-state and out-of-state patients the skills they need to live happy, healthy, and substance-free when they leave our Arizona inpatient rehab facility. Whether you’re overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction, or you’d like to build a support network and learn valuable tools to maintain sobriety, Buena Vista provides many different therapy programs, including:

  • 12-Step Program
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Grief Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Counseling
  • Trauma-Focused Therapy

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Why Is Substance Abuse Treatment Therapy Important?

Medical detox is a crucial first step in long-term sobriety, but it’s just that—a first step. After detox, the physical dependence may be gone. Still, the social and psychological factors that led to substance abuse remain because detox alone won’t help the patient learn valuable coping mechanisms, treat unresolved trauma, or build a healthy support system. 

To lessen the risk of relapse, our alcohol and drug rehab therapists use various methods to teach our patients how to deal with the stresses, environmental temptations, and social networks that can rekindle the urge to use drugs or misuse alcohol.

Why So Many Drug And Alcohol Therapy Options?

While patients are required to attend certain substance abuse treatment therapy sessions, they can also choose other programs. At Buena Vista, we understand that not every type of drug or alcohol rehabilitation therapy suits every type of person. 


We offer a range of treatment approaches for alcohol and drug dependence at our Arizona rehab facilities, so we can individualize a program based on the unique needs of our patients. Our addiction therapy services are provided in a safe and controlled environment, allowing for honest and effective treatments. 

For example, overcoming addiction can bring about feelings of grief, and grief therapy can help patients explore those emotions and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Or, a patient may benefit from group therapy, where they can gain support from fellow recovering addicts. 

A patient may need one type of alcohol or drug addiction therapy or many. It all depends on the patient and the treatment plan that will work best for them and help prepare them for sober living.

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