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Are you wondering if you have an addiction problem? Interested in inpatient substance abuse services at a facility in Arizona or Colorado? Answering a few questions can help you decide if it’s time to seek our professional inpatient drug and alcohol treatment.
Is someone you love exhibiting symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse? Let our reputable alcohol and drug addiction treatment center help your loved one regain his or her life. We offer outpatient and inpatient drug treatment programs to serve you.
Buena Vista Recovery helps anyone who needs and wants inpatient or outpatient drug treatment. We even offer special programs for young adults and professionals, including physicians.
Do any of your patients require addiction treatment? For our professional colleagues, here are some guidelines for referring patients to us for detox and recovery.
Are you a new patient? How long will you stay? What can you bring? Learn what to expect when you call us and what it’s like when you arrive at Buena Vista Recovery.
Buena Vista Recovery helps patients throughout the U.S. Whether you live in Arizona or in another state, rest assured that we’re here to provide professional, caring treatment for your addiction.

Substance Abuse Treatments

Quitting a drug or alcohol addiction is difficult even with help; it is nearly impossible to quit on one’s own. We’re here to help get you safely through detox, understand the reasons for your addiction, and learn how to cope successfully without drugs or alcohol. Our comprehensive treatment for drug and alcohol abuse includes:

Medically assisted detox helps patients clear their systems of alcohol or opioid, prescription and stimulant drugs, while getting safely through withdrawal in the most comfortable way possible. Detox is the important first step on the journey to recovery and sobriety.

Intensive inpatient treatment provides full-time care in a safe, structured environment. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable physicians, nurses, psychologists and counselors work together to meet the physical, emotional and mental needs of every patient.

Therapy programs include a range of inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment offerings, such as individual, family and group therapy; a 12-step program; and cognitive behavioral, grief and trauma-focused therapies, to help patients understand their addiction and provide life skills for successfully coping after treatment.   

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Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

At Buena Vista:

  • We understand that no two individuals are exactly alike, and no single treatment is right for everyone.
  • We believe that only professional treatment interventions for substance abuse operated and staffed by skilled providers can successfully treat these complex disorders.
  • We believe that to be effective, alcohol and drug addiction treatment services must address not just the patient’s addiction, but his or her other needs as well, including mental health issues and the need for social support.
  • We review each patient’s plan as treatment progresses, and we adjust it to suit the patient’s evolving needs.
  • We monitor drug use continually and help patients identify signs of and prevent a possible relapse.
  • Our goal is always to get the patient well on his or her individual journey to a happy, healthy and productive life.   

Take the first step on your journey to addiction recovery today.

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