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Today, you can find a variety of 12-step programs designed to help individuals addicted to alcohol and other substances. These programs—Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and others—are founded on the principle that by surrendering to a higher power, you can achieve and maintain abstinence from alcohol or drugs with the help of other people.

Faith-based but not religious, these programs emphasize recovery rather than cure. Participants follow twelve steps in numerical order according to each person’s time frame. In following these steps, participants become more self-aware, more accepting of help, and better equipped to fight damaging thoughts and behaviors. 

Addiction may remain a struggle, but recovery provides the tools needed to maintain abstinence. Every program for substance or alcohol abuse is voluntary, free to join, and anonymous. These programs help people remain substance-free.


A 12-step rehab program is about mutual support aimed at stopping substance abuse for the long term. Support group peers have been through or are going through similar situations. Anyone experiencing an addiction can benefit from this type of supportive recovery.

Within the substance abuse disorder treatment system, many counselors and sponsors are also in recovery, so they know how to listen and offer support. These groups are non-judgmental and welcoming. 

The meetings follow a specific structure, led by an individual who facilitates the interaction. Mutual support groups at a treatment center can play an influential role in substance abuse treatment.


The 12 steps outline a path to abstinence from addictive substances through a series of actions designed to elicit fundamental change. This journey begins with the first step: admitting you are powerless over alcohol or other substances. 

This step isn’t easy—admitting powerlessness over anything feels strange. Many people don’t want to recognize that their life has become unmanageable. However, this recognition is necessary to work through the other steps and remain free from alcohol or drugs.

The recovery process means following the steps to the best of your ability. It takes discipline, hard work, and support. As your life improves, you will likely feel less anger, opening yourself up to happiness. 

The 12-step process doesn’t have an official “ending,” as recovery is a lifelong endeavor. But as you go through the steps, you’ll learn to form stronger connections with people and find your way back from addiction.

Recovery allows you to rediscover what’s important in your life and how to appreciate all that you can offer to others. Change is scary, but through this process, you can find the joy of getting to know yourself again. The program provides the knowledge that within you is everything you need for a successful, meaningful life. 

These twelve steps give you a proven roadmap to finding a better way. Take it one day at a time, beginning with the first step, and see where it leads. 

Meetings with both newcomers and veterans provide support and guidance. Gradually, you’ll open yourself up to a life in which you feel worthy of love, compassion, personal responsibility, and self-respect. 

Embrace the peace that comes with recovery. Begin this journey of discovery to realize your goal of long-term recovery.


At Buena Vista, our 12-step group therapy program uses peer discussions and social support to help patients attain abstinence and sustain a healthy, substance-free life. Unlike individual, outpatient addiction support, group programs make the most of community therapy. At Buena Vista Recovery, our patients share their experiences and aspirations in a safe and supportive environment while staying focused on sobriety.

Once you have completed therapy at Buena Vista, we recommend attending a 12-step program in your community. Again, meetings are free and held every day throughout the country. You can find a group wherever you live.

You are not alone. When you attend meetings, you will be assigned a sponsor, an individual who helps guide newcomers through each of the 12 steps. As recovering addicts themselves, sponsors offer encouragement, knowledge, and understanding while you’re learning how to maintain abstinence.

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