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Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Young Adults  

Young adults aged 18 – 26 are a unique group of people, past the angst of adolescence but not yet fully ready or able to embrace adult responsibilities. Young adults are at a vulnerable age, and drug abuse can cause problems that have serious consequences to their lives well beyond this stage.

Overdosing, driving while under the influence, stealing to obtain money for drugs, acting violently and having unprotected sex can have impacts that last well into the future.

Because their situations differ from those of adults who abuse drugs or alcohol, this group benefits immensely from drug addiction rehab programs for young adults. That’s why Buena Vista offers a special program designed specifically to meet the needs of young adults.

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About Addiction and Young Adults

Why do young adults drink alcohol or take drugs? They may be struggling with the transition to adulthood, social stresses and anxiety, sexual identity issues and the family dynamic, all of which can lead to substance abuse, especially if their friends and peers are drinking and taking drugs.

In young adults, the parts of the brain that control impulses and emotions are not fully developed, leaving this population more likely to engage in risky behaviors such as experimentation with drugs and alcohol. Young adults are more likely to succumb to peer influence than older adults, which contributes to the problem as well.

Research has found that substance abuse can permanently damage cognitive and social development in young people, and it may make them more prone to depression and addiction. If you have reason to believe that you or your child has an addiction, then getting help as soon as possible is imperative. While recovery is indeed difficult, it is possible — especially with the help of a reputable young adult drug treatment program.


At Buena Vista, we understand how hard it is to take that first step of admitting that you or your child needs help. Some people feel ashamed that they or a close family member suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction but understanding that addiction is a disease that can be treated helps to put the problem in perspective.

Buena Vista offers effective alcohol and drug rehab for young adults in Arizona. Our program includes a family component to support young adults, most of whom remain closely connected to their parents and siblings. As part of our program, we address the special issues that addicts aged 18 – 26 face, including their looming independence, life and career skills, peer engagement, self-esteem and interpersonal communication.

We customize certain aspects of our program to each patient, which allows us to address unique needs and goals. Our board-certified physicians and skilled nursing staff provide medically monitored and safe detoxification, caring inpatient treatment and various types of professional therapies.

Our goals are to help the patient stop abusing alcohol or drugs, help him or her understand what led to the addiction, and provide the necessary tools to allow every patient to live his or her best life. With so much of their future at stake, giving young adults the assistance to move forward into adulthood — happy, healthy and drug-free — is critical.  

Ready to regain control of your life? Take the first step on your journey to addiction recovery as a young adult today.

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