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Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Arizona

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Long-term sobriety is a journey, and each person who makes this journey has different needs, challenges, and struggles. At Buena Vista, we help our patients break the cycle of addiction and maintain a sober lifestyle by providing personalized, comprehensive treatment plans.

Unlike our inpatient programs, an outpatient treatment program does not require you to live onsite. This type of program allows you to continue your treatment from anywhere. An outpatient rehab program may be right for you if you:

  • Have already completed detox
  • Do not require medical assistance
  • Need to be home for work or family commitments
  • Already completed an inpatient recovery program

Additionally, an outpatient treatment program differs from an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), as the latter requires a more significant time and attention commitment. Therefore, many patients transition from an IOP to a general outpatient program.

Some of the outpatient treatment programs offered at Buena Vista include:

  • Introduction to the 12 Steps: The 12-Step Program helps patients support one another as they strive to achieve and maintain sobriety. This program provides structure, a growing support network, a chance to help others, and a community committed to recovery.
  • Weekly Individual Therapy Sessions: In individual therapy sessions, patients work out trauma and deep-seated behavioral issues to live more fulfilling lives as active members of society. In addition, our psychiatrist will evaluate patients, who will also determine whether additional individual psychiatric sessions are required to assist in the recovery process.
  • Group Therapy: Patients will be enrolled in regular group therapy sessions where they will discuss daily struggles in a safe, confidential environment constructed of their peers and the supervision of a trained and licensed Clinician.
  • Medical Care*: Patients can schedule appointments with a professional for regular checkups or any medical emergencies. They will also be required to visit a doctor every thirty days for a follow-up to ensure a healthy approach to their recovery.
  • Psychiatric Care*: Patients receive a Psychiatric analysis upon entering Buena Vista’s outpatient drug rehab center and may be prescribed any necessary medications upon the Psychiatrist’s recommendation.
  • Trauma Workshops: Buena Vista offers patients the chance to work through any existential trauma. This workshop is offered through our Licensed Clinical staff.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This form of therapy allows the patients to look at deep-seated behaviors and beliefs, conclude about the cause, and determine the best way to change the behavior.
  • Individualized Treatment Plans: Upon enrollment in our outpatient substance abuse treatment program, patients will participate in the creation of an individualized treatment plan based on their initial assessment and personal goals. This allows Clinical staff to better understand what treatment goals to set for each patient. Treatment goals may change throughout the program, and we encourage each patient to participate in the process for greater chances of success.
  • Family Programs: Buena Vista communicates regularly with our patients’ families and/or loved ones to update them on their progress as they continue through the Buena Vista program.
  • Relapse Prevention Education: This program allows patients to build a plan for staying sober outside of the drug and alcohol treatment services environment.


At Buena Vista, we feel it is especially important for our patients to have advocates. Often, an individual in early recovery has difficulty advocating for themselves. Our rehabilitation Case Managers assist patients and their families in this challenging process.

Case Management is a very collaborative process. The assigned addiction rehab Case Manager works alongside the patient to help identify specific challenges and work through them. These therapeutic case management professionals assist our patients with many needs, including:

  • Setting up any outside doctor and/or dental appointments
  • Completion of intake tasks and orientation
  • Assistance with discharge planning
  • Monitor overall patient well-being
  • Address questions or concerns pertaining to the patient’s recovery
  • Provide assistance with legal matters (like probation or court dates),
  • Collaborate with families or loved ones for a patient’s recovery

Our Case Managers work with the entire family system to ensure a stronger, more accountable recovery system. The monitoring and testing protocol allows us to work with the patient in our outpatient substance abuse treatment center to create new motivation to change.

Our case managers work closely with the family, patient, and even other treatment providers, if necessary, so that everyone understands and supports the same goals for the patient. By creating a streamlined, long-term treatment plan, there is a much greater chance for continued sobriety.


Part of Buena Vista’s Arizona outpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment program consists of developing life skills to achieve long-term sobriety. Many times, a patient will go to drug and/or alcohol treatment with no contact with the rest of the world, creating a false sense of security.

Buena Vista takes pride in making our patients mirror what the real world may look like outside of the drug and alcohol treatment environment. This mirror includes getting a job, paying bills, budgeting, and financial education, finding creative ways to enjoy life in sobriety, and having interactions with the world outside of treatment.

Our goal is to build a foundation for a fulfilled life. A patient going through outpatient alcohol rehabilitation treatment may not be able to develop the necessary coping skills to live a fulfilled life if they are not prepared to interact effectively with the rest of the world.

Benefits of Buena Vista’s Life Skills Development:

  • Emotional Security
  • Financial Security
  • Positive Decision Making
  • Improved Interaction Skills
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • More Effective Coping Skills
  • Personal Care
  • Improved Self Awareness


Buena Vista offers spiritual recovery programs for our patients. We believe the best way to build a foundation of long-term sobriety is to embark on your own spiritual journey. Spiritual growth is also a cornerstone of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and has been proven as a critical element in achieving long-term sobriety.

Our licensed clinicians at Buena Vista have our patients participate in key activities, such as daily meditation, daily prayer or reflection, guided imagery, and more. Many Buena Vista team members are also living a spiritual, sober lifestyle. As part of our drug and alcohol treatment program, we strongly encourage any of our patients to ask as many questions related to spiritual guidance as they feel necessary.

Accreditation by the Joint Commission is considered the gold standard in health care.

Outpatient Treatment Program at Buena Vista

Are you ready to take the next step toward long-term sobriety? Buena Vista is here to help with customized programs tailored to the needs of individuals.

We work with most insurance plans, so you can get the support you need to achieve your goal. In the rare instance when we are not in-network with an insurance provider, our clinical outreach director can help you find placement within your insurer’s network.

To get started, complete this form and we’ll reach out to you to discuss your outpatient treatment program options and create a personalized approach that works best for you.