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Breaking the Cycle: Understanding Addiction Beyond Choice

April 8, 2024
Written By: Samantha Perry, LCSW
Exploring the parallel journeys of Gary and Brian, who both develop health conditions stemming from learned behaviors influenced by their family environments. Highlighting the roles of genetics, environment, and lack of knowledge, I challenge the stigma of addiction by comparing societal responses to addiction and diseases like diabetes.

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Medical Detox for Alcohol Addiction and the Next Steps

October 28, 2023
Written By: Katie Noetzel, BSN, RN, CEN
Clients may experience withdrawal symptoms, discomfort, or even mental-emotional challenges. However, through medical detox for alcohol addiction, clients can feel safe, secure, and supported through the process.

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The Impact of DUI Jail Time on My Recovery

October 21, 2023
Written By: TJ Carlini , LCDC- I & II
Serving jail time for a DUI can impact one's recovery journey greatly. However, the impact is not necessarily negative. The impact of DUI jail time on recovery can allow clients to continue therapeutic practices to proceed with healing while in a structured, secure environment.

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Handling Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment with Kids

October 15, 2023
Written By: Buena Vista Recovery
Clients, especially mothers, may experience guilt or shame because of the time they take away from the household. However, inpatient care is often necessary for some clients in order to ensure the most optimal outcome post-treatment.

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When Is It Time to Call an Inpatient Rehabilitation Center?

October 12, 2023
Written By: TJ Carlini , LCDC- I & II
When struggling with an addiction, it is common for individuals to put off participating in treatment for a variety of reasons. However, you need much more than you can give yourself to overcome substance use. Thus, the perfect time to call an inpatient rehabilitation center is now.

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Will a Fentanyl Overdose Change My Thought Process Long Term?

October 11, 2023
Written By: TJ Carlini , LCDC-I & II
Overdoses can drastically impact one's physical, mental, and emotional state. After experiencing a fentanyl overdose, clients should seek medical assistance and professional help to heal and establish lasting sobriety and recovery.

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