Buena Vista Recovery: Providing Inspiration & Hope in Addiction

October 19, 2023

Written By: TJ Carlini , LCDC- I & II

Addiction recovery is an overwhelming process that cannot be done alone. Exploring one’s inner sense of self and finding security within oneself is a complex journey when leading a new life of sobriety. Having a sense of security and support externally, from the specialists, doctors, and therapists working with the client on their journey, as well as close friends, loved ones, and family members is key for optimal recovery and long-term sobriety. Moreover, we at Buena Vista Recovery work to create a safe, supportive, and progressive environment for all clients.

Understanding the Recovery Journey at Buena Vista Recovery

The client is cared for on a personal level from the moment they enter the Buena Vista facility. All staff members work to create a safe, comfortable environment for the clients to progress in their journeys. Regardless of where the client is at in their recovery, there are services, support, and care for them to ensure their needs are met. Clients recovering from all different types of substance use disorder (SUD) are cared for at the facility. 

At Buena Vista Recovery, clients first enter recovery through a detoxification program. Clients learn how to navigate their new lives without physical dependency on the drug, first. After, they head into treatment programs. These include inpatient, outpatient, or partial hospitalization programs (PHP) depending on the level of care and supervision they require. Clients continue to stay in touch even after their treatment ends, as Buena Vista offers continuous care and support.

In addition, at Buena Vista Recovery, there are private rooms for clients, licensed staff on-site 24/7, fresh meals, a family atmosphere, individual services, evidence-based treatments, the highest level of recovery care, fun and light activities for the client’s physical health, and a serene outdoor environment. Comfort is the key to the Buena Vista Recovery approach. These in-house amenities and services are offered in the detoxification process as well as in the inpatient rehab program. For clients seeking outpatient treatment, support, care, and comfort are still offered in a restructured way appropriate for the treatment program. 

Beginning the Inpatient Rehab Program

Inpatient rehabilitation at Buena Vista Recovery has two paths: Drug inpatient treatment and alcohol inpatient treatment. The purpose of our rehab programs is to allow clients to settle into their sobriety with guidance. There are bumps along the way in recovery – physical, mental, and emotional challenges – and inpatient treatment offers support and guidance to help clients persevere and lead a happier, healthier lifestyle. This is a stabilizing point for clients in their recovery journeys.

The treatment programs also include therapies for clients to partake in. Buena Vista Recovery curates individualized treatment plans, putting together the best-fitted services for each client. For clients looking to involve their families, Buena Vista offers family therapy as a therapeutic option in our inpatient program. The facility believes in the importance of family involvement and support. With a case manager, the client and their family come to a mutual understanding through interactive therapy sessions. These sessions serve to educate the client and their family about the addiction at hand. 

Buena Vista Recovery also believes in the importance of building communities. Through family therapy, group therapy, and being part of the inpatient environment, clients develop their social skills, bond with others, and create healthy relationships revolving around sobriety and support. Having others in one’s life who share the same values and offer hope and support are crucial elements to the recovery journey’s success.

Community is a huge aspect, one of the major dimensions, of recovery. In a working definition of recovery, the community offers a supportive social network offering love, hope, and friendship. These meaningful relationships are fostered from a place of care. Guidance and support offer hope, making it easier for clients to face challenges they may face along their journey. For instance, when facing cravings in recovery, having that reinforcement and loving nature surrounding the client can make a difference between maintaining sobriety and relapsing. This guidance and support should be empowering for the client in recovery.

Benefits of Rehab at Buena Vista Recovery

The inpatient program at Buena Vista Recovery has a number of benefits, including: 

  • A safe, substance-free environment 
  • Personalized treatment and therapy services
  • Structured routines
  • A support system within the facility
  • 24/7 medical support
  • Learning valuable coping skills and addressing the root(s) of the addiction
  • A smooth transition from detox into treatment
  • Opportunities to transition into outpatient programs

Having in-house guidance and support is important for clients’ recovery. As mentioned previously, recovery cannot be done completely isolated or alone, and Buena Vista Recovery works to foster a welcoming, nonjudgmental, supportive, and healing environment. In assisting clients with their transition from detoxification into treatment and then into their normal lives, clients are provided with continuing care. These aftercare or continuing care programs help clients maintain the healthy lifestyle developed at Buena Vista in their own lives. 

Continuing care is also a very important piece of recovery. This form of guidance allows clients to continue to extend their recovery treatment in order to sustain the benefits of their initial treatment plan. Continuing care also allows clients to participate in relapse prevention, where they learn how to recognize triggers, understand their feelings and thoughts, and work on how to overcome any barriers. This extra level of care and support can also greatly impact one’s long-term sobriety. Enforcing and maintaining healthy habits is crucial for sobriety.

Here at Buena Vista Recovery, we believe that guidance, support, and community are all crucial aspects of the recovery journey. We work to provide a safe, inclusive, and nonjudgmental environment at the facility while clients are detoxing, transitioning into their treatment program, and participating in inpatient rehabilitation treatment. Clients are given personalized treatment plans that are best suited to their recovery needs. After initial treatment, clients are offered continuing care, or aftercare, that includes relapse prevention education and strategies. This extra level of guidance and support can be a major factor in the sustainability of sobriety. To learn more about our services, community, and environment at Buena Vista Recovery, please call us at (480) 741-9414.