How Can Buena Vista Recovery Help My Adult Child Fight Addiction?

July 27, 2023

Written By: Buena Vista Recovery

Helping Your Adult Child Navigate Recovery: A Guide for Parents

Transitioning into adulthood brings its unique set of challenges, often too overwhelming for many young adults, leading to a phenomenon commonly referred to as “failure to launch.” Essentially, they fail to launch themselves into adulthood successfully. Some may perceive adult children as taking advantage of their parents by staying dependent. As a parent of an adult child, you know this is not correct. Adult children who fail to launch are often struggling with feelings of shame and inadequacy. This transition can sometimes result in substance abuse and addiction, a painful reality for both the individual and their concerned parents. Recognizing the signs and seeking professional help is critical, and Buena Vista Recovery provides a beacon of hope for families grappling with these issues.

Substance Abuse in Adult Children

Adult children often struggle with many challenges. These challenges make it hard for them to live independently and care for their own needs. Every adult child will have a unique set of challenges that make living independently more difficult. However, mental health disorders and a lack of life skills are commonly a few pieces of the puzzle.

Mental health disorders and a lack of life skills also play a role in substance abuse. When your adult child is struggling with their mental health or figuring out how to care for their needs, they are more likely to reach for substances as a band-aid fix for the problem. For example, if your adult child is struggling with depression, they may use alcohol, marijuana, or other substances to numb the feelings they want to escape. Unfortunately, long-term use of substances will lead to dependence and addiction. In these cases, your child will require treatment in order to heal and move forward.

Some of the Key Challenges:

  • Mental Health Disorders: Often intertwined with substance abuse, requiring comprehensive treatment strategies.
  • Lack of Life Skills: A barrier to independence, making substances an appealing escape from reality.


Overcoming Addiction at Buena Vista Recovery


Recovery from addiction is a personal journey, unique to each person. Our program starts with detox process with MAT services, we work to address the root causes of substance abuse, and build the skills necessary for a sober, independent life.

Detoxification Process

The first step towards recovery is detox, safely managed under the supervision of our experienced medical team. This process not only addresses physical dependency but also prepares the individual for the next steps in their recovery journey.

Addressing the Root Causes

Understanding and confronting the underlying issues of addiction is crucial. Our personalized treatment plans include a variety of therapeutic modalities aimed at resolving these core problems, paving the way for a lasting recovery.

Skill Building for Independence

Acquiring new life skills is essential for anyone looking to overcome addiction and lead an independent life. Buena Vista Recovery emphasizes stress management, self-care, and effective communication skills, among others, to equip our clients with the tools needed for sustained sobriety and personal growth.

While there is not necessarily a cure for addiction, your adult child can recover. Overcoming addiction at Buena Vista Recovery will be a process with many challenges. However, getting to the root cause of the substance abuse, and building new skills will help them stay sober after treatment.

Detox at Buena Vista Recovery

When your adult child uses a substance over a long time period, they become dependent on it. This means that the body and brain have adjusted to it and expect to receive the substance again. As a result, your adult child will experience withdrawal symptoms when they decrease or stop using a substance. While these symptoms will vary, some can be severe. As a result, it is safest and most effective to go through detox at an addiction treatment center where issues can be addressed on the spot.

Detox is the first step in healing from addiction. When your adult child goes through detox, they begin the process of healing their bodies. This opens up many possibilities for them. For example, if they are struggling with a cocaine addiction, the cravings for cocaine will alter their thoughts and drive. However, after detox, they will be able to think more clearly and choose the next steps they want to take.

Resolving Underlying Problems

Addiction to any substance is a result of many factors. Your adult child’s challenges with addiction and substance abuse will have their own origin. These underlying problems are important to face and resolve. If they go unresolved, it is more likely that your adult child will struggle with addiction in the future.

Treatment at Buena Vista Recovery will help your adult child to understand and address these problems. Your adult child will be given an individualized treatment plan that incorporates multiple different therapeutic modalities that can help.

With the support and care of the staff at Buena Vista Recovery, your adult child will heal from issues that are contributing to their addiction. This process is vital for addiction recovery. However, receiving treatment may also help your adult child to learn to care for their own needs, which can help them eventually live independently.

Building Skills at Buena Vista Recovery

Being an adult is a challenge. Your adult child may not feel like they have the skills to cope with the difficulties of life. Therefore, they might have reached for substances to tune out and ignore those dilemmas. They may have been trying to solve problems in the only way they knew how.

Building skills is important for anyone recovering from addiction. The skills necessary to keep a person sober will vary. However, stress management, self-care, and communication skills are all helpful for anyone who wants to stay sober. At Buena Vista Recovery, your adult child will learn these skills. They will improve them through the treatment program. Our compassionate staff members will support them to make changes that will have a positive impact on their recovery.

Recovering from addiction requires certain tools and skills. Many of these will cross over to helping your adult child live more independently. For example, learning to manage stress while staying sober can help them to have better relationships. These skills will also improve their ability to hold a job or stay in school.

As a parent of an adult child, you know that the challenges of developing into adulthood are vast. However, if your adult child is struggling with addiction, they need professional help. Buena Vista Recovery offers addiction treatment that will help your adult child heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. We can make a positive impact in your adult child’s life through detox and addiction treatment. After going through all of that, they will be able to stay sober. If you are interested in learning more about our programs and how it would look for your adult child to get help for addiction, we want to talk to you. Call us today at (480) 741-9414 to speak with a staff member.