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Our medically managed detox treatment campus ensures patient safety and comfort. We offer the best staff, dedicated case managers, a range of services, and a caring, family atmosphere!
Taking your first step in recovery is challenging enough without trying to arrange for all the other little details. We help you get here and we even offer suggestions on what to bring.
Would you like to know more about drug and alcohol addiction? Are you curious about treatment methods? Need help choosing a detox center? Read our blog posts to learn more.
Meet the leadership team behind Buena Vista. Our compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff members strive to deliver top-rated substance abuse treatment to all of our facilities throughout Arizona.
Learn about our Vision, Mission, and Values.

Our Mission

  • Bold. Showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous. Buena Vista confidently pursues the best treatment for our patients and courageously seeks to provide the highest quality of care.
  • Uncompromising. Relentless. Our team consistently and relentlessly treats each patient with the highest level of respect and compassion and does not compromise care for efficiency.
  • Empowering. Strengthening someone to become more confident, especially when taking back control of his or her life. We strive to empower all patients with the tools and treatment to successfully take back control of their humanity and dignity.
  • Noble. Having or showing high moral principles and ideals. We pursue excellence by having specific and clear guiding principles to make the best, most ethical decision for each patient.
  • Authentic. Being genuine and original. We never compromise our integrity, especially when it becomes difficult, and we passionately remain genuine in our approach to everyone who walks through our door.

Our Vision

Our vision was to build a foundation that was specially designed to serve as a place for healing and wellness. We know every person has a story that is unique and special. We believe addiction is a disease, and that with the right tools, everyone has a chance to beat his or her addiction and regain a happy, healthy and drug-free life.

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