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Arizona Drug and Alcohol Detox & Treatment Center

Taking the First Step in Addiction Recovery

We understand that getting started with substance abuse treatment isn’t easy, and we’re here to help patients take that first difficult step. Our highly rated, professional addiction treatment programs are designed to help every patient break free from addiction and begin the journey toward a happier, healthier life. 

Why Choose Buena Vista?

Recovery Facility

Our caring, licensed professionals and modern campus help ease patients through detox — safely and successfully — with the least amount of discomfort.

   Private rooms
   Welcoming family atmosphere
   Highest level of care available
   Licensed staff on site 24 hours a day
   Individualized therapy programs
   Activities such as exercise and yoga
   Fresh, healthy and delicious food
   Evidence based treatment plans
   Beautiful serene setting

Accreditation by the Joint Commission is considered the gold standard in health care.


A Life-Changing

“Can you say WOW? This place gets what it means to provide care. Excellence is what they do and it’s done first class … from the building, to the food, to the team. They have a knack for hiring and their nursing staff and BHTs [behavioral health technicians] are second to none. Quality place run by quality people who truly understand what ‘customer experience’ is all about. Let them help you with a soft landing so that your future can soar again. Highly recommended!”

— Chad S.

A Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center with a Difference

Buena Vista Recovery is a medically managed residential and inpatient Arizona addiction treatment campus specializing in drug rehab and alcohol rehab. We offer confidential, patient-focused withdrawal, detoxification and counseling services for substance use disorders. We provide 24-hour medically supervised withdrawal, detoxification and stabilization via a structured program that has proven results.

What’s different about Buena Vista? Our experienced, educated and highly credentialed team is dedicated to providing professional recovery services, while treating patients with the respect and sense of security they deserve — yet don’t always receive — during recovery.

Begin Your Recovery in a Modern Campus

Addiction recovery is stressful; a pleasant setting dials down the stress level. Excellent accommodations, a holistic approach that treats the whole person, and a strong staff-to-patient ratio help patients focus their energy on drug and alcohol treatment rather than on their discomfort. Located in beautiful Cave Creek, Arizona, Buena Vista Recovery offers a more comfortable path to addiction recovery.

Our brand-new campus offers private rooms that feel more like home than a traditional institutional setting. We provide healthy, gourmet meals, with menus tailored to each patient’s lifestyle goals or health needs. Patients get the care they need with the amenities they want — in a nurturing, soothing environment.

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