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Repeated drug use can lead to changes within one’s brain that cause negative effects such as the inability to resist the urge to seek and take drugs, brain fog, hallucinations, anxiety, among others. Long term effects of Vicodin, OxyContin, Xanax, and other commonly abused drugs have to be studied and considered carefully since one can relapse from drug use and addiction. The changes that occur in one’s brain can be too persistent or drastic that people who are recovering may have even more risk of returning to drug-seeking behavior.

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People use drugs for several reasons. They want to feel good, perform better, feed their curiosity, or fit in their social circle. One of the common substances used today is hallucinogenic drugs. Historically, psychoactive plants are consumed as part of religious rituals in many cultures. It aims to achieve spiritual healing and allow communication with a spirit world.

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While substance use disorders (SUD) may look different on everyone, there is no doubt that they ruin lives. They can compromise your physical health-- drastic weight changes, sleeping problems, tremors, declining personal hygiene. Luckily, SUDs are diseases that can be treated and cured. There are hundreds of techniques to keep you from succumbing to the disorder, from treating individuals to substance abuse group therapy.

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