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When you or someone you love is ready to seek addiction treatment, there are several benefits to choosing out-of-state rehab. Getting out of your local environment can be a great way to eliminate distractions, freeing you up to focus on recovery. Being away from the everyday stresses and influences of normal life can clarify what’s most important and help you get to the root of addiction issues. Opting for out-of-state drug rehab also can feel more private. When you’re away from everyone familiar, you may feel freer to be honest and open, without fear of shame or embarrassment. You also may want to get away from relationships that are thwarting recovery. For all these reasons and more, seeking care out of state may be the best option for you.

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Coming to Buena Vista Recovery for Out-of-State Rehab

Wherever you are coming from, our location in Cave Creek, AZ., can be a major advantage. Recognized as one of the top rehab centers in Arizona, we draw patients from around the nation who are seeking family-focused, patient-oriented care. Our team of professionals includes board-certified physicians and highly skilled nurses. We strive for safety and long-term patient sobriety. So when you want medically managed inpatient and residential drug and alcohol detoxification support, come to Buena Vista Recovery.

Programs Offered by Buena Vista Recovery

Our substance abuse programs are designed to give patients everything they need to succeed. Whether you’re looking to detox, get inpatient care or participate in evidence-based therapy, we have what you need:

  1. Medical detox — Our board-certified physicians and highly qualified nurses guide patients through a safe and comfortable detox process. Whether you need alcohol detox or drug detox, we work with you to achieve results. Our 24-hour medically supervised campus offers private rooms, personalized gourmet meals and stays of between two and 10 days.
  2. Inpatient — Our residential alcohol and substance abuse treatment is designed to help you take the next step toward recovery after detox. Patients stay with us for seven to 28 days, participating in treatment that gets to the root of addiction and addresses underlying issues.
  3. Therapy — We offer a variety of therapeutic options from individual counseling to group therapy. As we work with patients, we individualize a combination of therapies that will help them move towards recovery.

States We Serve

People from across the United States choose Buena Vista Recovery for their treatment. Our patients have come from:

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