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What Is a 12-Step Program?

Today, there are a variety of 12-step programs designed to help individuals who are addicted to substances. These programs — Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and others — are founded on the principle that by surrendering to a higher power, you can achieve and maintain abstinence from alcohol or drugs with the help of other people. Faith-based but not religious, 12-step programs emphasize recovery rather than cure. In them, each participant follows the 12 steps in order and on his or her own time frame. In the process, he or she becomes more self-aware, more accepting of help and better equipped to fight damaging thoughts and behaviors. Addiction may always be something to fight, but recovery can provide the equipment needed to maintain abstinence. Every 12-step program for substance abuse or 12-step program for alcohol abuse is voluntary, free to join and anonymous. These programs have been found to be effective in helping people remain substance-free.

Peer Support and 12-Step Rehab Programs

A 12-step rehab program is a mutual support program aimed at helping people stop substance abuse for the long term. The peers in your support group have been through or are going through what you’re experiencing now. Within the substance abuse disorder treatment system, many of the counselors and sponsors you encounter are also in recovery, so they know how to listen and offer support. These groups are non-judgmental and welcoming. There is a structure to the meetings, and a leader facilitates the interaction. Mutual support groups at a 12-step treatment center can play an important, powerful role in substance abuse treatment.

12-Step Alcohol and Drug Recovery Programs

At Buena Vista, our 12-step group therapy program uses peer discussions and social support to help patients attain abstinence and sustain a healthy, substance-free life. As opposed to individual, outpatient addiction support, group programs make the most of community therapy. At Buena Vista Recovery, our patients share their experiences and aspirations with each other in a safe and supportive environment while staying focused on sobriety.

Once you have completed therapy at Buena Vista, you should consider attending a 12-step treatment program in your community — meetings are free and held every day all over the country. You can find a group wherever you are. When you go, you will be assigned a sponsor — an individual who helps guide newcomers through the 12 steps, one by one. Recovering addicts themselves, sponsors offer encouragement, knowledge and understanding while you’re learning how to maintain abstinence.

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