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trauma-focused therapy


Trauma-focused therapy is a specific type of therapy that recognizes, addresses, and emphasizes how traumatic experiences—including sexual, physical, and mental abuse, violence, and grief—impact a patient’s overall well-being, addiction recovery, mental health, and behavior.

The purpose of trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy is to help patients understand the connection between their trauma and behavior, provide real coping methods, process the emotional impact of traumatic experiences, and re-establish a true sense of safety. 

Some of the key benefits of trauma-focused therapy include:

  • The ability to identify and understand triggers
  • The development of healthy coping skills
  • A renewed foundation of safety
  • A decrease in trauma-related symptoms, such as dissociation, shame or guilt, intrusive thoughts, nightmares, flashbacks, depression, and anxiety
  • The chance to process traumatic experiences in a safe environment


At Buena Vista, we understand trauma significantly affects alcoholism and drug addiction. There is overwhelming evidence showing how trauma increases an individual’s risk for substance use disorders. For example, a study performed by the National Library of Medicine revealed that an estimated 60–75% of women in a substance abuse treatment program had a history of domestic abuse.

Those who have suffered from trauma may rely on alcohol or drugs to help regulate their mood, suppress intrusive thoughts related to the trauma they experienced, or mitigate co-concurring mental health conditions. Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy helps individuals overcome trauma, challenge negative ways of thinking, and develop healthy coping skills to help them towards long-term sobriety. 

Trauma-focused therapy can be used in addition to other substance abuse treatment therapies, such as grief therapy and group therapy. 


During your trauma-focused therapy sessions, your therapist will urge you to discuss and identify feelings associated with the trauma you experienced, to help you become more aware of negative belief problems, inaccurate or harmful thinking, and behavioral patterns related to your trauma. Additionally, your therapist will work alongside you to help you develop and hone healthy coping mechanisms to assist you in handling traumatic thoughts, memories, and feelings that will help you on your road to recovery.

While trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy is not a cure-all method for alcohol use disorders and drug addictions, it can consistently develop new behaviors for maintaining sobriety, address the root causes of your addiction, and regain positivity in your life. 


At Buena Vista, we understand no two paths to sobriety are the same—and we take a patient-focused approach to substance abuse treatment. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, we can help

We provide comprehensive services, case managers who follow our patient’s success, expertly licensed staff, and our gold standard benefits, including:

  • Private rooms for inpatient residents
  • Gourmet food and snacks
  • Master-level licensed therapists
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Legal issues assistance
  • Aftercare planning and transition assistance
  • Access to Netflix
  • Group and individual therapies
  • Daily visits with our team of doctors

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