Why You Should Consider Going Out of State for Rehab

May 28, 2019

The process of choosing a rehab facility is a crucial one that comes with several important factors to consider. To be fully committed to rehabilitation, you want to find a facility that offers everything you need to succeed in your recovery. Local treatment centers may seem convenient, but might not offer all the same benefits of going out of state.

Increase Anonymity

For many addicts, keeping the struggle of their recovery confidential is an essential part of rehab. Attending a local treatment center increases the chances of encountering people you know in the community, which can be distracting and not fully allow you to settle into the process. By traveling out of state for rehab, you can feel like your recovery is kept private.

This also allows you to move through rehabilitation without the added stress of others you know learning about or interfering with the deeply personal situation through which you are working. You are able to be more vulnerable and willing to get to the root of your addiction.

Removal From Environmental Triggers

Some hesitate to leave state for rehab as it means they will not have a support system in the loved ones around them. For others, the people they surround themselves with are triggers for their addiction. Separating yourself from the factors that influenced you to use can be very beneficial for the recovery process.

Being far removed from your everyday life can also make it harder to drop out of treatment, as there is no easy way to quit. When you stay in-state for rehab, giving up and leaving is easier to do when you’re so close to home and familiarity. Going out of state for rehab is a way to feel like you are beginning anew.

Promoting Sobriety With Tranquil Locations

The stressors of daily life can be a constant reminder of your addiction. Treating your rehab as a getaway can help you associate sobriety with a positive experience. Beaches and the mountains are not uncommon recovery locations because they offer a soothing atmosphere. While getting over your addiction is far from a vacation, it requires mental focus and peace that unfamiliar scenery can offer.

Leaving everything you know to start a new chapter of your life through addiction recovery can be challenging and scary. Contact an addiction professional at Buena Vista Recovery for further insight on choosing the best detox center for your healing journey. Inquire about our medical detox facility and other programs to learn the path that’s right for you.