How Family Support Helps in Addiction Treatment

June 1, 2023

Written By: James Rich , AS

Whether it is a chosen family or a family they are born into, most people consider family to be a big part of their lives. As a result, the family can either be a part of the cause of addiction or play a role in its solution. Often, family members actually can be involved in both. A positive aspect of family is that family involvement tends to be a helpful and important part of addiction treatment at addiction treatment centers. This involvement helps the entire family better understand the process of addiction recovery and how their loved one will need to change in order to stay sober. When family members encourage their loved ones to stay in treatment, this creates a better chance of successfully recovering from addiction.

Family Support for Addiction Treatment

The publication Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Family Therapy published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) explains that individuals and their families benefit from family member involvement in addiction treatment. Incorporating family into addiction treatment can help individuals have better long-term success in recovery.

That’s why this involvement is encouraged during treatment at Buena Vista Recovery. Clients can sustain long-term recovery while the entire family system changes. This occurs with the use of family therapy and family support for individuals in addiction treatment.

Family Therapy

The effects of addiction are felt by every member of the family. Often the family system as a whole is ailing and needs healing. The specific content in family therapy is unique to each individual. However, it often includes helping clients and their families understand the true dynamics of addiction and how they each are impacted by it. Additionally, the family as a whole can gain awareness and skills that make a difference in an individual’s transition home after treatment.

Support for an Individual During Treatment

When a person is struggling with addiction, it is often a very isolating experience. At Buena Vista Recovery, clients are provided with support and care to heal. When appropriate, families are also encouraged to provide support. This can help a client to get through any rough spots during treatment. Ultimately, support can make a difference between an individual staying in a treatment program and giving up.

Family support looks different at different stages of treatment. While a client is in the detox phase, it is challenging for family members to provide much support. However, once a client is in the next phase of the treatment program, there is more opportunity for family members to be involved.

Depending on the situation, clients can receive family support through letters, phone calls, or in-person visits. Family members ideally can provide support by listening to the client’s experiences. However, they can also help by providing encouragement and affirmation that they can make it through the treatment process.

The Benefits of Family Support at Addiction Treatment Centers

Family is the primary social attachment. A person’s family members often know them best, seeing the best and worst sides of them. Therefore, family members are in a perfect position to provide much-needed support while in treatment. Not all clients have positive family relationships, however. Instead, these clients can receive support from other important people in their lives who can be equally as helpful.

The process of addiction treatment can be hard. Clients often experience physical, mental, and emotional discomfort on the path to recovery. However, those who stick with it are more likely to recover successfully. Getting support in treatment makes a significant difference. Support helps clients to not feel alone. It lets them know that there are people who care about them and want them to heal. Therefore, family support can help a client to make it through treatment when they may not feel like they can.

Creating Lasting Change

Making lasting life changes tends to be difficult. In terms of addiction, lasting change is even more of a challenge. However, change is possible. Through detox and addiction treatments, clients can learn to live a sober life. It will take hard work, but with family support, they can make changes that will last.

When family members provide support for a client, a client is more likely to open up about their experiences with addiction. Therefore, these family relationships become a cornerstone in their recovery. As clients continue on the road of recovery, they will hit potholes. However, when they know that they can ask for help and receive the support they need, they are more likely to do so.

Providing support to those who are going through treatment at addiction treatment centers is not easy. It requires that family members realize that addiction is not a person’s choice. Instead, it is a disease that impacts their loved one’s thoughts and actions. However, when family members learn to support their loved ones they also learn skills that help with the entire family’s recovery. By increasing their understanding of addiction, they can begin to heal as a family unit. As the family system changes, this can facilitate long-lasting change for the better in all family members.

Addiction is a disease that creates chaos. It disrupts a person’s life and their entire family. However, with detox and treatment, long-lasting change can happen. At Buena Vista Recovery, we understand that addiction can feel isolating and incredibly lonely. We offer support that can help you or your loved ones feel cared for in treatment. Our staff members encourage family support throughout the treatment process when it is possible. This support can help you to stick with treatment even when times get tough. If you or your loved one are struggling with addiction, we offer programs that can help you heal. To learn more about our programs or ask any questions, please call us today at (480) 741-9414.