How Do I Support My Son Through Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

April 11, 2023

Written By: Buena Vista Recovery

Learning that your son is struggling with alcohol addiction, it is natural to feel helpless and out of control. You may even feel like you are to blame for your son’s actions. However, it is essential that you, as a parent, learn how to support your son while taking care of yourself and your mental health during this time. Alcohol treatment isn’t an easy process, but with the right love and support, your son can overcome this. Additionally, the simple fact that they are ready to receive treatment is a powerful first step. 

Don’t Place Blame on Anyone

Although it can be challenging, it is crucial to try to take a step back and not place blame on anyone during this process. That includes not placing blame on yourself or your son. You might be left wondering who is to blame then, but it’s not a simple or productive answer at this stage. We would encourage you not to place the blame anywhere. Any number of events could have led to the start of alcohol consumption and up to this point.

Taking a step back and avoiding placing blame on anyone can help you focus on the most important thing right now: getting your son the help he needs to get sober and live a fulfilling substance-free life. So, it shouldn’t matter whose “fault” it is. It only matters that your son is getting help now. 

Get Educated About Alcohol Rehab

One of the first steps to supporting your son is to get educated about alcohol rehab and how it works. There are many different types of help out there for alcohol treatment, and learning about them can help your son be successful. There are many resources out there to help you learn. These include things like books, educational videos, podcasts, and even support groups for parents whose children struggle with addiction. 

It is also critical for you to understand how the brain and body react to addictive substances. Not only will this help you decide what type of treatment your child might need, but it might also help you not place that blame. The brain is remarkable at trying to regulate itself, and unfortunately, addiction can be a by-product of that regulation. So again, be kind and understanding to your son, as he may not even understand how he got here or how the addiction even developed. 

Find Support for Yourself

This is not only a trying time for your son, but it is also a trying time for you and your family. To watch your son struggle through addiction and watch him actively fight against it can be very difficult for you. It is vital for you to find support for yourself and take care of your own needs.

You might find support from other family or friends, and that is great! However, it can be helpful to surround yourself with other parents who have also been in your shoes. There are many support groups offered specifically to parents of those struggling with addiction. You could also consider reaching out to the facility in which your son is getting alcohol rehab to see if they can assist. They might offer services for the parents and families of those in their program. Whatever it looks like for you, it’s important to get support. 

Don’t Give Up on Your Son During Alcohol Rehab

Your son is going through possibly the most challenging thing he might ever go through with alcohol treatment. He is feeling physical, emotional, and mental turmoil right now. He needs your support now more than ever. Whether this is his first time trying to get help or his 100th time trying to get help. He needs to have the support of his parents to help him get through this. 

Addiction is not always a choice as many people think. Are there choices made that may have led to the addiction? Yes. But do most people actively choose to get addicted to substances? No. So, don’t give up on him or give up hope; he can recover with your love and support. 

Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is a vital part of life. It can be very difficult to help others when we don’t take care of ourselves. And that is also true in the situation in which your son is fighting his alcohol addiction. It can feel overwhelming when you feel like you are balancing so much. But taking care of yourself will help you better support your son. 

These can be simple things, like taking a walk, taking a bath, making time to see friends, or reading a good book. All of these things can help fill your cup so that you are not running on empty while you are trying to juggle your own life, along with supporting your son in alcohol rehab. 

Watching your son battle addiction and have to enter treatment can be very difficult. It can be a painful thing to watch. However, taking the time to learn the proper ways to support your son through treatment can help them conquer it. Remember not to blame yourself. It is not your fault, and it really doesn’t matter whose fault it is. It only matters that your son gets the help he needs. If you are worried about your son or someone else who is struggling with addiction, we can help you and your loved one. For more information about the services we offer, call us today at (480) 741-9414.