How Do I Choose The Right Rehab?

October 26, 2020

Choosing a rehab center is a huge decision. The options can be overwhelming, especially with more than 14,000 addiction treatment facilities nationwide. However, with a little guidance and some research, you can find a substance abuse location that supports a healthy recovery.

Steps to Finding the Perfect Rehab Center

Know Your Goals 

The obvious goal of drug rehab is to achieve a life of sobriety for the long term. However, each individual is on a personal journey and has different needs when it comes to addiction treatment. Consider: 

  • What are your values?
  • What gives you joy?
  • Do you have issues beyond addiction that you want to overcome (e.g., anxiety, past trauma)
  • Do you want to nurture certain skills or personality traits?
  • What role do you want to play for the people in your life? 


These types of questions can help you focus on who you want to be, which in turn can construct a clearer vision for treatment.

Explore Your Options

  • Specialties: Many treatment centers specialize in certain types of care. For example, one facility may focus on co-occurring disorders and another may cater to clients with a family at home or who suffer from a specific addiction.
  • Location: Would it be better to go local or opt for rehab away from home? Some people prefer the privacy that comes with leaving town, while others want to stay close to their support system.
  • Amenities: Amenities can make a big difference when choosing a rehab center. Some places offer basic accommodations that are perfectly adequate and comfortable. However, you can also find rehab centers that offer luxury accommodations and impressive facilities.

Consider Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehab 

Inpatient or residential treatment involves staying at a center or hospital to receive intensive, structured care. Outpatient rehab allows you to continue normal life and visit a campus regularly for therapy, meetings and interaction with professionals. To choose between the programs, think about the severity of your situation and everyday responsibilities with your career or family. 

In general, inpatient programs tend to have higher rates of success, but they may require more commitment. Outpatient programs are less intensive but can work better for some individuals who simply can’t step away from certain obligations.

Look at Insurance Coverage and Costs 

The cost of addiction therapy can vary depending on the place, the dynamics of treatment and the duration of the program. Consider how you plan to finance your recovery. Medical insurance may cover some expenses, and rehab centers will be happy to find out if your plan can pay for their services or if you need to secure other funding. 

Assess a Rehab Facility’s Accreditation 

Centers with the proper credentials and accreditations provide the most exceptional experience. For instance, accreditation by the Joint Commission proves that facility is a legitimate establishment that acts within the moral and legal standards pf addiction rehabilitation. Examine any facility’s qualifications before making a choice to ensure you’re getting the best assistance possible.

Make a Change With the Right Rehab Facility

The only thing standing between you and a life free from addiction is those first difficult steps. Take your time and choose a rehab center that suits your needs. At Buena Vista Recovery, we believe in empowering individuals who are ready to make a change, and we are always here to help. Reach out to us today to get started on your path to recovery.