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When you’re exploring the possibilities for drug and alcohol rehab in Illinois, the best solution may be one you haven’t yet considered — going out of state. Located in Cave Creek, Arizona, Buena Vista Recovery offers medically managed inpatient and residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

 Our patients join us from all over the country, including Illinois, looking for exceptional detox and addiction treatment. For many, opting for an out-of-state facility, as opposed to local drug rehab in Illinois, means getting invaluable privacy throughout the process. It also removes some of your familiar triggers. To find the kind of support and guidance that can make all the difference in recovery, come to us.

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Why Choose Buena Vista Recovery?

As the more confidential alternative to rehabs in Illinois, we’re a nationally recognized, highly competent substance abuse treatment facility. This means, when you choose us, you not only enjoy being far away from anyone you know, but you also experience medically managed programs led by board-certified physicians and highly qualified nurses.

Our goal is to give you the most comfortable, confidential setting in which to heal. Buena Vista Recovery is fully accredited by The Joint Commission, and our state-of-the-art facility features private rooms, gourmet meals, personal case managers, a ratio of two staff members to each patient, daily therapies, and little luxuries such as Netflix and DIRECTV.

Programs We Offer

For an alternative to drug rehab in Illinois, our Arizona facility is proud to provide a variety of programs aimed at recovery. These include:

  • Medical Detox: Medically supervised detoxification programs that ease patients through typical withdrawal symptoms and into the healing process
  • Inpatient: Residential stays lasting between seven and 28 days, which can include various therapies and treatments aimed at discerning the root of addiction and moving toward recovery
  • Therapy: A wide variety of therapy options, allowing us to individualize treatment plans to each patient

Illinois Cities We Serve

Individuals throughout Illinois have come to Buena Vista Recovery for addiction treatment, including from the following areas: 

  • Chicago
  • Peoria
  • Springfield

When you’re ready to seek treatment, take the first step by visiting our insurance verification page. From there, you can jumpstart the process of working with us. Contact our team today.

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