Outpatient Rehab: Building a Social Support Network & Managing Stress

June 7, 2023

Written By: Buena Vista Recovery

Having a good social support network has many benefits, including helping you to manage stress. If you are struggling with addiction, it is easy to feel lonely, isolated, and lacking in a social support network. Fortunately, outpatient rehab can help. You may ask, “Where can I find outpatient rehab near me?” Buena Vista Recovery is one option that may be near you. We offer outpatient rehab in Cave Creek, Chandler, Scottsdale, and Tuscon, Arizona. While change is difficult, seeking outpatient rehab can help you build a social support network that aids you in managing stress and recovering from addiction.

Having a good social support network means having healthy ties to individuals, groups, and a larger community. These connections will be unique to you. However, they may include family, friends, and co-workers. Additionally, you can be integrated into several different groups and a larger community. The network that you build gives you support when you need it, whether this is emotional, mental, or physical support. Additionally, as an active member of your community, it also means providing support for others who are in your social network.

Social Support Network and Stress Management

Having a good social support network is integral to both physical and mental health. When you have a good social support network you are resilient in many ways, including resiliency to stress. However, when you struggle with addiction, you are often isolated from your social support network. This can make it difficult to manage stress. That can compound the challenge with stress management that often occurs when you are struggling with addiction.

Social support networks help you to manage stress. This is because having good social connections is a healthy way to cope with stress. If you are feeling stressed, talking to a friend or even spending time with someone who genuinely cares about you can help you to feel better. Healthy relationships help you recover from the stress you experience in your life.

Additionally, when you have a healthy social support network you are less likely to engage in high-risk activities. As high-risk situations cause you to experience stress, this in itself helps you to manage your stress. Therefore, when you are in recovery, having a social support network can help keep you on a sober path.

Can Outpatient Rehab Help Build My Social Support Network?

Attending an outpatient treatment program can help you to overcome your addiction and build a social support network that helps you to become more resilient to stress. Outpatient rehab consists of a program in which you live at home and attend treatment during the day. This structure allows you to attend to the responsibilities you have at home while still receiving the individualized help that you need. Outpatient rehab is often the next step after inpatient rehab and provides support and care as you transition back into your daily life. The care offered in this stage includes both individual and group therapy, which can help you to build a healthy social support network.

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, you will work with a counselor to dig into the challenges you are facing. If you are struggling with addiction, this might include delving into past trauma or mental health issues that play a role in your struggle with addiction.

Throughout your work with a counselor, you will build skills that help you to build a healthy social support network. This may involve discussing issues you are facing in relationships. You will learn new communication skills and work on how you can make changes in important relationships.

Group Therapy

When you are in group therapy, you experience a therapeutic session alongside others. The type of therapy used and the direction of the session will vary depending on the individuals who are involved.

Group therapy allows you to practice social skills in a safe and supportive environment. The counselor leading the group can stop and mediate as needed. This can be thought of as practice for your real life. A therapeutic group gives you a chance to be open and communicate with others who are struggling with similar challenges. You can learn together as a group while you build skills that help you to have healthier relationships and a better social support network in the future.

Can I Find Outpatient Rehab Near Me?

When you are struggling with addiction, it can be difficult to find the right treatment center for you. If you live in Arizona and find yourself wondering where to turn, look no further. Outpatient rehab at Buena Vista Recovery can help you develop better communication skills so you can build and maintain a community. With a healthy social support network, you will be able to manage your stress more easily. This will help you to recover from addiction and decrease your risk of relapse.

Having a social support network helps you to have a higher capacity for stress and to deal with stress more effectively. However, if you are struggling with addiction, you may feel isolated. Outpatient rehab at Buena Vista Recovery offers a unique opportunity to attend both individual and group therapy while living at home. This will help you to build social skills that enable you to create a healthy social support network. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and is in need of outpatient treatment, call Buena Vista Recovery at (480) 741-9414. We can help you heal from addiction and build a healthy sober life during your time in treatment and beyond.