Getting Help at Buena Vista for a Dual Diagnosis as a Man

July 8, 2023

Written By: Buena Vista Recovery

Many men struggle with both mental health disorders and addiction. This combination can make it difficult for men to heal and move forward. This is because mental health disorders impact addiction, and addiction impacts mental health disorders. Fortunately, there is hope. Treatment that considers the existence of any mental health disorders as well as addiction can effectively address men’s underlying issues and lead to success. Treatment at Buena Vista Recovery helps men to address their mental health concerns while healing from addiction. As a result, men who undergo treatment at Buena Vista are more likely to maintain their sobriety.

Dual Diagnosis in Men

Dual diagnosis is a term that means someone has a combination of addiction and a mental health disorder. The type of addiction in a dual diagnosis can vary and may include opioid addiction, alcohol addiction, and addiction to other substances. The particular mental health disorder will also vary and be unique to each person.

Both men and women can have a dual diagnosis. Gender does not necessarily predict which type of addiction or mental health disorder a person will experience. However, there are a few common differences between men and women in terms of dual diagnoses. For example, there is a higher rate of cannabis dependence in men compared to women. There is also a lower rate of heroin and cocaine dependence in men. Women have higher rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as part of a dual diagnosis. However, men also can have PTSD as a part of a dual diagnosis.

Other differences between men and women can be found regarding treatment. While women tend to seek treatment when it is necessary, they also tend to be more ready for change. In contrast, men are more likely to go to treatment after having made fewer changes in their lives and with more resistance to change.

Treatment at Buena Vista for Men With a Dual Diagnosis

Fortunately, men can make changes in their lives and learn to live sober and healthy lives. Buena Vista Recovery offers treatment that addresses the unique challenges men face when healing from a dual diagnosis. By getting treatment for both mental health disorders and addiction, men can successfully heal from a dual diagnosis.

Mental Health Treatment at Buena Vista

Men experience a variety of mental health disorders as a part of a dual diagnosis. Every man’s experience of mental health disorders and dual diagnoses will be unique. Regardless of the mental health disorder involved, receiving quality mental health treatment is vital.

When a man has an untreated mental health disorder and also an addiction, this leads to a greater chance of relapse. This can be due to using drugs or alcohol to self-manage symptoms of a mental health disorder. However, it can also be a result of the changes in the brain that occur during a mental health disorder, causing men to be more prone to addiction and substance abuse.

Mental health treatment as a part of dual diagnosis treatment will look different for each man. However, it often includes different types of therapeutic interventions, medication, and more. Buena Vista Recovery works with men to understand their unique challenges regarding their mental health. Knowledgeable staff members help men to find new coping methods. These healthy strategies help them to feel better and not fall back into substance abuse to manage mental health symptoms.

Addiction Treatment at Buena Vista

Men with dual diagnoses will also require treatment for their addictions. Treatment will look different for each man and his unique challenges. However, treatment will likely include a medically supervised detox. Treatment will also include therapies that help men to understand the root cause of their addictions and skills to move forward. Understanding and healing from their mental health disorder is an integral part of this process.

Many men believe that addiction treatment is unnecessary. Instead, they want to power through and solve the issue alone. However, with addiction, this is usually not possible. Due to the physical changes in the brain that occur during addiction, it is imperative that men seek help. Addiction treatment at Buena Vista takes these factors into account. Staff members help men understand the need for support and offer solutions that help them to successfully live a sober life.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Improves Long-Term Success

When a man has a dual diagnosis, this situation can create chaos in his life. A dual diagnosis is significantly more debilitating than either a mental health disorder or addiction alone. When a man gets treatment only for his mental health disorder or his addiction, he is unlikely to have long-term success. This is because mental health disorders and addictions impact each other.

Fortunately, a treatment program that is designed to address a dual diagnosis will resolve the situation fully. Men can find success in the long term when they consider and attend to all aspects of their problems with addiction.

Many men experience both a mental health disorder and struggle with addiction. The combination of both a mental health disorder and addiction can present a challenge. Fortunately, treatment at Buena Vista Recovery can help. We offer treatment that helps men find long-term success with healing from addiction and mental health disorders. Our programs are individualized to meet every client’s need and address specific issues that men face. If you or someone you love is struggling with a mental health disorder, addiction, or both, we can help. Call us today at (480) 741-9414 and speak to a staff member about what healing from a dual diagnosis at Buena Vista Recovery can look like for you.