Fentanyl Addiction Signs: Why Early Intervention is Critical

July 5, 2023

Written By: Buena Vista Recovery

As an opioid that is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine, fentanyl is a highly addictive drug. However, fentanyl is commonly used as a method of pain management. If you or a loved one have used fentanyl for pain management, early intervention is crucial before addiction sets in. However, this means that you need to know the fentanyl addiction signs. When you see the signs, you or your loved one can get help from a qualified treatment center, such as Buena Vista Recovery. There is help for you or your loved one to heal physically and mentally from fentanyl addiction. 

Fentanyl Addiction Signs

Pharmaceutical fentanyl is commonly prescribed as a pain management method. It is often used for pain post-surgery or for those who have late-stage cancer. However, illicitly manufactured fentanyl is not prescribed. It can be used without a prescription for the effects. Regardless of how fentanyl is used, it is highly addictive. 

Realizing that you or your loved one is struggling with fentanyl addiction is the first important step. This requires having a clear understanding of what fentanyl addiction signs are. While there is variation in fentanyl addiction signs, there are some typical things to look for. First, if you or your loved one is using prescribed fentanyl, it is very important to use the drug as prescribed. When you or your loved one begins to use it more often or go through the prescription quickly, this is a clear sign of dependence. If you are struggling with a fentanyl addiction, you may even consider stealing fentanyl or forging a prescription to get more. 

Another common sign that you or your loved one is struggling with a fentanyl addiction is a change in behavior. This will vary for each person. However, it often includes social withdrawal, decreased interest in previously enjoyed activities, and quickly declining performance in school or work. Physically, if you are struggling with fentanyl addiction you are more likely to lack focus and concentration. There will also be a very clear difference between when you are using fentanyl and when you are not. This may include agitation, insomnia, and more. 

Importance of Seeing Fentanyl Addiction Signs Early

Seeing the signs that you or your loved one has a fentanyl addiction early on is very important. It can save you from deteriorating your life and health. Early detection can also prevent you from the dangers of overdose. 

Physical Health

When you use fentanyl, prescribed or not, it causes your body to feel euphoric. You feel relaxed, drowsy, and sedated, and it helps you to decrease any sensations of pain. However, long-term fentanyl use has many negative physical health effects ranging from issues with the immune system, cardiovascular system, and mental health. Fortunately, when you catch fentanyl addiction early on, you or your loved one is less likely to develop the issues that are connected to long-term fentanyl use. 

Finding Solutions Before Fentanyl Deteriorates Your Life

When you or your loved one becomes dependent on fentanyl, it impacts your entire life. Your days are built around using fentanyl. As a result, you may find aspects of your life beginning to deteriorate. This may look like a lack of focus or success at work or school. However, over time fentanyl will also begin to deteriorate your personal life, relationships, and more. Catching fentanyl addiction early on prevents you from having your life slowly fall apart. Additionally, it makes recovering from fentanyl addiction easier. 

Preventing Overdose

When you are using fentanyl and slowly becoming addicted, you will tend to increase your dosage over time. This is a result of your body’s acclimation response to fentanyl. You will find that you need to take more to feel the same effects. Unfortunately, the increase in usage and dosage puts you or your loved one at a higher risk of fentanyl overdose. 

Fortunately, you can catch fentanyl addiction before this point. By knowing the fentanyl addiction signs, you or your loved one and get help as soon as you see the signs. As a result, you can save a life by preventing fentanyl overdose. 

Getting Help When You See Fentanyl Addiction Signs

Addiction is a disease that hijacks the pleasure centers of the brain and, as a result, makes your life all about fentanyl use. Fortunately, you can get help. When you see fentanyl addiction signs, the next step is to find a treatment center. Buena Vista Recovery is a treatment center located in Arizona that can help you to detox from fentanyl. Through individualized programs, you can learn new coping skills, understand why you are struggling with fentanyl addiction, and take steps toward a new and sober life. Remember, while addiction is very challenging, you can heal and move forward free of addiction. 

When a person is using fentanyl to manage pain, it is easy for them to become addicted. Recognizing the signs of fentanyl addiction early can make a significant difference in their recovery. At Buena Vista Recovery, we work with individuals who are struggling with fentanyl addiction. We offer multiple levels of care to suit your needs and help you to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. By understanding the deep reasons why you are struggling with addiction and by learning new skills, you can take your first steps toward a sober life with the support and care you need. To learn more about our treatment programs, call (480) 741-9414 today and speak with a staff member.