Benefits of Voluntarily Enrolling in Addiction Treatment After a DUI

July 22, 2022

Are you considering mitigating punitive and judicial consequences through substance abuse treatment? A DUI charge is life-altering and can feel devastating, as it involves both minor and major consequences. At a minimum, a DUI often includes hefty fines, court appearances, and a suspended license. But driving under the influence can also result in jail time, injury, and death. Drunk driving causes 30 percent of all car accident-related fatalities in America.

The American justice system takes impaired driving violations seriously, yet addiction remains a mental health concern that too often goes untreated. About 35 million people worldwide have a drug use disorder, but only one in seven receives care. 

Rehabilitation following a DUI charge has been a common solution for decades. In some cases, the court mandates DUI treatment, while in others the defendant voluntarily enrolls in an addiction treatment program for a chance at a lesser sentence.

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Today, we’ll look at factors that impact DUI charges while exploring the benefits of volunteer enrollment in a substance abuse program. 

Factors That Affect Your DUI Case 

A person can be charged with a DUI in all 50 states, but the factors impacting a case vary depending on:

  • The state where the incident occurred
  • The prosecutor or judge presiding over the case
  • A defendant’s attorney
  • A defendant’s blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of the arrest
  • Whether the defendant has any previous DUI arrests
  • Extenuating circumstances, such as injury or loss of life

3 Benefits of Enrolling in an Addiction Treatment Program Following a DUI 

For many, a DUI charge serves as a rock bottom and may be the first clear sign that a person’s drinking or using has become a major problem. Even if you are unsure whether your substance use warrants the label “addiction,” enrolling in an addiction treatment program following a DUI arrest can have benefits beyond addiction treatment. 

1. The Possibility of Rehab Instead of Jail Time 

Jail time is a common consequence of a DUI conviction. However, imprisonment rarely provides the safe and supportive environment a person needs to overcome addiction.

That’s why a lesser sentence or rehab instead of jail is a workable alternative in the United States, especially for first offenders. However, every case, state, and judge is different. If you’re interested in getting a lesser sentence for attending a substance abuse program, talk with your legal counsel about your options and the outlook for your case.

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However, even if a reduced sentence is not possible, seeking treatment can help you overcome addiction for good and prevent further DUI charges in the future. 

2. The Opportunity to Overcome Addiction 

The best benefit of enrolling in an addiction treatment program after a DUI charge is the opportunity to get help to overcome addiction. Buena Vista offers several treatment program options to fit the needs of our patients, including inpatient, outpatient, and medical detox programs.

Treatment programs have changed significantly over the years to provide patients with the best possible care. Enrolling in a substance abuse program offers:

  • Structure
  • Education about addiction
  • A safe and supportive environment
  • Targeted treatment plans
  • Medical support

If you’re struggling to control your drinking or using, you don’t need to wait until you face legal consequences. Getting help now can save your life or someone else’s and help you break free from the cycle of addiction. 

3. Ongoing Support After the Addiction Treatment Program 

The benefits of an addiction treatment program don’t end after the official care is complete. Another benefit is the continued support you receive after your initial treatment.

Rehab does more than treat the symptoms of addiction. One goal of substance abuse programs is to provide patients with the tools they need to help them stay on the road to recovery.

These programs often provide many resources, including support group meetings, referrals to local counselors, and outpatient programs. Continued support can help sufferers move past relapses and other setbacks.

Remember, you are not alone. Millions of people struggle with addiction, and seeking treatment provides a sense of community and the opportunity to share experiences and successes with other members of your community that have had similar experiences.

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Find an Addiction Treatment Program for Your DUI Charge Today

You don’t need to struggle with addiction alone. Whether you’re facing a DUI charge or seeking treatment on your own, Buena Vista is here to help.

Contact Buena Vista today to learn about our substance abuse and addiction treatment programs that can beneficial for you or a loved one following a DUI.