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Xanax detox program


Xanax is highly addictive, and withdrawal can be unpleasant; detoxification is best managed by experienced, qualified medical professionals in a dedicated rehab campus.

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Prescription Drug Detox Program

The necessity for taking prescription drugs cannot be argued. Drugs relieve pain, cure illnesses and help us live longer, and are generally safe and effective when taken as directed. However, when they are abused — or used for non-medical purposes — by the person for whom they are prescribed or by others, then we have a problem.

Many drugs, particularly those that work by affecting the brain and central nervous system, are highly addictive. Tolerance to the drug builds over time, creating physical and psychological dependence, and ultimately addiction. Stopping becomes extremely difficult when withdrawal symptoms appear, which is why most substance abusers need the assistance of a prescription drug detox center like Buena Vista.

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Symptoms of Prescription Drug Addiction

  • Powerful cravings for the drug
  • Using more than prescribed or for longer than intended
  • Continuing to take the drug even after negative results
  • Interference with normal life activities
  • Spending a significant amount of time getting, using or taking the drug
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms soon after use is reduced

Treatment of Withdrawal Symptoms

After taking the drug for a while, some individuals find that when they stop or cut back, they experience withdrawal symptoms, which causes them to increase their reliance on the drug. Over time, more of the drug is needed to produce the same effect. That’s when professional prescription drug detox treatment is required.

At Buena Vista, we offer medically supervised detox to help users rid their body of the drug. Our experienced medical professionals understand how to help patients get through the uncomfortable or even severe withdrawal symptoms safely with the least amount of discomfort.

We begin with a physical exam, blood tests and psychological testing to determine the best course of treatment for each individual. If needed, we prescribe special medications to relieve withdrawal symptoms and manage cravings, as well as to help treat the sleep problems and depression that may accompany detox.

While drug detox is never pleasant, the staff at Buena Vista is dedicated to doing everything possible to make our patients comfortable during the process, as they begin the long-term journey toward sobriety.

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