Kaiser Permanente Insurance For Addiction Treatment

Buena Vista Recovery is constantly striving to provide the best care to our clients. To do that, we have partnered with numerous private and public health insurance plans. This helps to make getting drug and alcohol addiction treatment possible for many. We are an in-network provider for ComPsych plans. As one of the Kaiser Permanente recovery centers that AZ residents can select, we accept most plans to pay for your treatment needs. 

We Partner With Your Kaiser Permanente Insurance Coverage 

If you have Kaiser Permanente, substance abuse treatment is within reach. Our team works directly with your insurance provider to verify coverage. We then strive to limit your out-of-pocket costs while providing you with exceptional treatment.

As one of the rehabs that accepts Kaiser Permanente, your care is always our top priority. Our family-focused center is designed to provide you with a safe place to start the detox process and to work through our treatment programs. That includes inpatient and outpatient care. It also means having access to our advanced treatment therapies including medication-assisted treatment. 

Learning About Your Specialized Treatment Plan and Costs

If you have Kaiser Permanente alcohol abuse coverage or drug coverage, our team will always provide you with transparent information about the costs of care. There are many factors that influence these costs including how long you stay with us, the type of treatment you receive, pharmacy requirements within your plan, and coverage for psychiatric services. We are happy to answer all of your questions. As mentioned above, we will also contact your insurance — so you know exactly what to expect. 

Put Your Trust in Our Dedicated Team

Buena Vista Recovery is a dedicated organization committed to outstanding treatment. Our team knows you want a comfortable, beautiful place to start on the path toward recovery. As one of the top Kaiser Permanente rehabs available in the state, we are confident you will find the type and level of care you need right here.  

The first step toward recovery can begin with us. Contact Buena Vista Recovery now to speak to our team or fill out our insurance verification form