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Out-of-State Rehab Center for New Mexico Residents

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Looking for a New Mexico rehab center? Allow yourself or a loved one a fresh start one state away with Buena Vista Recovery — a family-focused, patient-centric organization nestled in Cave Creek, Arizona. Our highly rated facility differs from drug rehabs in New Mexico due to the fact that recovery is far removed from your everyday stresses. Instead, it is centered on programs that specialize in medically managed inpatient support and residential detoxification.

Staffed with the best behavioral and mental health professionals that track the success of our patients, Buena Vista Recovery is an out-of-state option that will set you on the right path for addiction recovery. 

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Benefits of Seeking Addiction Treatment Away From New Mexico

There are several advantages of receiving treatment out of state at Buena Vista Recovery instead of choosing inpatient rehab in New Mexico: 

  • Privacy and confidentiality: Undergoing treatment out of state provides seclusion from friends and co-workers. You’ll also gain a better chance at program completion. Removing yourself from outside distractions sets you on a path mentally and physically toward recovery.
  • Rid yourself of temptations: Temptations for drugs and other substances are removed when you seek treatment out of state, making the healing process more efficient and ideal for addicts. 

Why Choose Buena Vista Recovery?

Buena Vista Recovery, a leading treatment facility, offers amenities such as daily therapy sessions, two staff members per patient, private rooms, gourmet meals, Netflix and more. Our goal is to put our patients at the center of all we do, while supplying them with the most comfortable and safest setting possible.

Programs at Our Arizona Addiction Treatment Facility

Buena Vista Recovery offers numerous substance abuse programs tailored to each patient, such as:

  • Medical Detox: Our team of registered nurses and board-certified physicians aid patients through a detoxification process while ensuring their safety.
  • Inpatient: With our inpatient treatment, patients check themselves into a safe, controlled setting where they receive medically assisted detox and full-time care that runs anywhere from a week to 28 days.
  • Therapy: Social and psychological factors can remain after detox. This is why we offer a range of evidence-based therapies to teach our patients how to deal with temptations and stresses that can trigger the urge to turn to drugs or alcohol.

New Mexico Cities We Serve

Many individuals have come to Buena Vista Recovery from across the country for addiction treatment, including several areas of New Mexico such as:

  • Albuquerque
  • Roswell
  • Santa Fe

 Taking the first step to combat addiction can be tough, but Buena Vista Recovery is here to help! Visit our insurance verification page and begin treatment now to start your journey toward sobriety.

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