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There are many rehabs in Colorado, but when you’re looking for a quality addiction treatment facility, the best solution may actually be in a different state. That’s because an out-of-state setting offers complete confidentiality and the luxury of getting away from your regular surroundings. Buena Vista Recovery in Cave Creek, Arizona, offers you private treatment away from everyone you know. Want to move towards recovery without having to explain it to coworkers or relatives? Leaving Colorado is the perfect solution. Even better, by participating in detox and recovery away from home, you remove yourself from the usual distractions and familiar triggers of your immediate area. This frees you to focus fully on recovery. Our detox facility aims to provide the safest, most comfortable care possible to our patients — including those from the Centennial State.

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Why Choose Buena Vista Recovery

When you choose Buena Vista Recovery as an out-of-state alternative to rehab centers in Colorado, you’ll benefit from more than our location. Our patient-centered treatment facility is essentially the gold standard for medically managed detox. When you come to us, you’ll receive support in a state-of-the-art, modern facility from a team of licensed staff members, clinicians and medical personnel. We cultivate a uniquely positive peer culture, provide all patients with a case manager and give you access to a comprehensive range of services aimed at recovery. Our goal is to make addiction treatment as comfortable and convenient as possible, with private rooms, gourmet meals, daily medical visits from staff doctors, daily therapy sessions individualized to your needs, help with transportation arrangements and planning for aftercare. 

Programs Offered by Buena Vista Recovery

We offer a variety of professional treatment programs at Buena Vista Recovery. These include:

  • Medical detox — Take part in medically supervised detox under the supervision of board-certified physicians and highly qualified nurses.
  • Inpatient — Check into our inpatient rehabilitation facility to undergo seven to 28 days of individualized treatment aimed at getting to the root of your addiction.
  • Therapy: Benefit from your own individualized combination of different therapy options.

Colorado Cities We Serve

Individuals have sought treatment at Buena Vista Recovery from throughout Colorado, including the following areas: 

  • Denver 
  • Colorado Springs 
  • Boulder 

Get Started on the Road to Recovery

When you or someone you love is considering alcohol or drug rehab in Colorado, there’s never been a better time than now to get in touch with Buena Vista Recovery and find out why an out-of-state facility might be your best choice. Begin by visiting our insurance verification page to jump-start the registration process, then get in touch with us today!

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