Addiction Biology

The Many Forms of Addiction

November 29, 2022
Addiction affects each individual differently, and no two journeys through recovery will be the same. Not only can one's experiences with substance use disorder (SUD) differ due to the various substances one is exposed to, but even those engaging with the same substance can have vastly different experiences. As a result, addiction takes many forms.  Simply counting the number of drinks or how often one engages with drugs may not truly reflect one's relationship with these destructive substances. Instead, it can be more impactful to understand the ways SUD or alcohol use disorder (AUD) affect each other aspect of one's life. 

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While many view addiction as a lack of willpower, complex processes occur when an addiction develops. The first time someone talked a drink or tries drugs may be a choice, but the addiction is not. Learn the biology of addiction here.

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Image of brain scan showing functions and changes