Magellan Health Insurance For Addiction Treatment

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At Buena Vista Recovery, we provide a wide range of care options for our clients. In an effort to reach as many people as possible, we also accept several public and private health insurance plans. We are an out-of-network provider for Magellan Health plans, except for Magellan Complete Care. As one of the Magellan Health recovery centers in AZ, Buena Vista Recovery is confident in our ability to meet your needs. 

We Work with Your Insurer to Maximize Your Coverage

Buena Vista Recovery works directly with your health insurance provider to ensure you understand the options available. Magellan substance abuse treatment coverage can vary depending on the policy. That is why we encourage you to contact our team for insurance verification. This is a short and easy process that allows us to determine the next steps in your care plan. 

Our team is dedicated to providing the attention you need to start the journey to recovery. We offer several treatment options including detox and residential programs, outpatient addiction treatment, and MAT. To establish the type of care that is best suited for your recovery, we will complete a full assessment and determine how your health insurance company can help. 

Understanding the Costs of Care 

The cost of your care depends on many factors. If you have Magellan alcohol abuse treatment coverage or Magellan drug abuse treatment coverage, our team can break down the expected out-of-pocket expenses associated with your care. However, these costs can also vary based on the type of treatment you receive, such as residential or outpatient. Additionally, the rates can fluctuate depending on the length of your stay and the medication and psychiatric services best suited for your needs.

It is important to us that you know what to expect before entering into a treatment program at Buena Vista Recovery. We aim to be transparent, and we are happy to answer your questions at any time.

Choose Buena Vista Recovery for Your Addiction Treatment

Buena Vista Recovery strives to provide the most innovative and reliable treatment programs available. We offer a comfortable, home-like experience with evidence-based and holistic treatment options. Here, you can explore your health needs in a positive, upbeat environment. We encourage you to reach out to us to learn more. 

Fill out the insurance verification form to get more insight into your coverage options. Then, contact us today to discuss your needs.