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Addressing Trauma-Based Addiction
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Trauma Rehab Program at Buena Vista Arizona

Trauma Can Lead to Substance Abuse

Trauma may be the outcome of a childhood event, such as abandonment or sexual or physical abuse, or it may result from experiencing repeated violence, such as in a war zone or dangerous neighborhood, or it may occur following a catastrophic natural disaster. Whatever the cause, if the victim does not seek professional help, he or she may be left alone to deal with raw emotions, fear, feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem. These can lead to isolation, depression and/or anxiety, and the inability to handle daily activities. Trauma victims who feel that no one understands what they are experiencing often withdraw from friends and family. When individuals suffering from trauma don’t openly address their feelings, cannot rely on the help of family or friends, or fail to seek help from a trained therapist, they may turn to alcohol and drugs. In trying to suppress their feelings or dull their emotions, the individual’s substance abuse can turn into addiction as he or she avoids coping with the original trauma. At this point, treating the trauma and the substance abuse simultaneously is necessary.

What Is Trauma-Focused Therapy?

Trauma cognitive behavioral therapy is intended to help wounded patients heal, while empowering them with new skills for coping with the trauma’s effects. When addiction is involved, the trauma therapist addresses both the mental health problem and the substance use disorder. This dual diagnosis care is the optimal way to help the patient achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. 

Trauma therapy leverages various treatment approaches and may include grief counseling, peer support groups, individual and/or group therapy for trauma, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy for trauma, medication, and holistic therapies such as relaxation, yoga and meditation.

Trauma Therapy at Buena Vista

The professional therapists at Buena Vista are trained to help recovering addicts deal with their addictions, as well as the underlying trauma that caused them, through individual trauma therapy and trauma group therapy. You are not alone; we understand what you are experiencing, and we want to help you deal with your intense emotions and feelings. All patients receive individualized treatment and recovery plans based on their unique issues and needs, as well as the skills and tools needed to navigate a healthy, happy and drug-free life.

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