Local vs. Out-Of-State Drug Detox Center: How To Decide

November 27, 2018

Before you can start to work through the complex issues that caused your addiction, you need to overcome the intense cravings and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms you experience when you stop using. A drug detox center can help with that — but first, you have to decide whether you will seek treatment locally or out of state.

While local and out-of-state addiction treatment centers are similar in that they offer a safe, secure place to detox, they each have unique benefits that make them a good choice for those looking to recover from an addiction. Taking the time to carefully understand the disadvantages and benefits of out-of-state rehab and local rehab will help you determine which facility type is right for you.

Out-of-State Drug Detox Removes Distractions so You can Focus on Recovering

The only way you will be able to overcome your addiction is by identifying the reasons why you turned to drugs and alcohol. Once you identify the issues that caused you to become addicted, you can work to learn healthy ways to overcome them.

Identifying the reasons why you became addicted can be hard when dealing with a lot of outside distractions. That is why many people prefer to use an out-of-state facility as opposed to a local facility. An out-of-state addiction treatment center essentially removes you from your day-to-day life and places you in a safe environment where you are focused 100 percent on yourself and overcoming your addiction.

Using an out-of-state facility to remove outside distractions also proves helpful in preventing relapses while you are seeking treatment for a drug addiction. Since you are in a completely unknown place, you won’t have regular access to those people who encouraged or tempted you to abuse drugs. Without access to these individuals and the drugs they offer, you will be forced to use healthy alternatives — such as therapy or peer support groups — should you get the urge to use drugs.

Family and Friends Can Actively Support You at Local Drug Treatment Facilities

Some individuals have a very strong support system made of family and friends who truly want to help with the addiction recovery process. If this is the case, a local drug treatment facility may be preferred.

Seeking treatment at a local drug treatment facility allows you to have almost instant access to your current support system. Family and friends can easily visit regularly, take part in group therapy, and provide emotional support. These scenarios might not be so easy for your support system if you attend an out-of-state treatment facility.

Making the Final Choice for Where to Seek Help for a Drug Addiction

It is important to remember that every addict is different. Thus, how he or she approaches addiction recovery will vary depending on his or her unique needs. Some individuals will thrive in a local detox facility, while others will find an out-of-state addiction treatment center is better for them.

To help you decide what type of detox facility to use, review the following questions:

  • Do I have a good support system at home? Will my loved ones want to take part in my addiction recovery?
  • Do I have a lot of local distractions that could tempt me to use drugs or alcohol while I am trying to recover?
  • Do I feel as if I need to go to a different place where no one knows my history and I won’t feel judged?
  • Is the thought of having to prepare to go to treatment, such as packing and traveling long distances, overwhelming?
  • Are they Joint Commission Accredited?
  • Do they use evidence-based treatment models?
  • Do they track and report results?
  • Are their medical resources on site 24/7?

Your answers to these questions will help you determine whether you will want to choose a local detox facility or look for an out-of-state detox center.

Have additional questions about choosing a drug detox center or need a little guidance? Call Buena Vista Recovery to speak with an addiction professional now. Our caring addiction specialists will be able to help you determine what type of detox center is right for you.