Mercy Care Insurance For Addiction Treatment

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Buena Vista Recovery is dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive care and modern solutions in drug and alcohol treatment. To do that, we work with numerous public and private health insurance providers, so you get the care you need. As one of the in-network Mercy Care recovery centers in AZ from which residents can select, we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more.

Maximize Your Benefits — Protect Your Health 

Mercy Care rehabs like ours put clients first. We know that it’s critical to get the substance abuse treatment that’s right for you. This is why Buena Vista Recovery discusses your needs with you and then works directly with Mercy Care to properly utilize your insurance benefits to the fullest. 

Comprehensive Care Is Available 

We offer a wide range of treatment options at Buena Vista Recovery. Our plans are designed to provide optimum care with personalized attention. If you need inpatient care, outpatient treatment, medically monitored detox or medication assisted treatment, you’ll find it here. Mercy Care substance abuse treatment is suited to your needs as best as your coverage allows.

Transparency Is Critical to Your Success

We always want you to know what to expect when working with us. The cost of treatment depends on many factors, but we will communicate them with you. The length of your stay and the type of care you receive are key components of what you’ll pay for treatment. Other variables exist, too, such as how well your coverage provides for pharmacy requirements and psychiatric services. 

If you need Mercy Care alcohol abuse coverage, we will lay out the costs, describing what they are and telling you what level of coverage you have. Our team will also gather your information for insurance verification, giving you clear insight into the costs.

Don’t Delay — Make Buena Vista Recovery Your First Call 

With comprehensive services and outstanding attention to individualized care, Buena Vista Recovery is the right choice. Our Mercy Care substance abuse treatment is the most cutting edge possible, giving you every opportunity to thrive. 

Now it’s your turn to act. Fill out the insurance verification form or contact Buena Vista Recovery with any questions.