MultiPlan Insurance For Addiction Treatment

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As we strive to give our clients outstanding care, we aim to be flexible with insurance coverage. Buena Vista Recovery does that by accepting public and private health insurance plans from many providers. We are an in-network provider for MultiPlan health insurance. As one of the trusted MultiPlan recovery centers in AZ, count on us to provide you with exceptional care and support.

We Partner Directly With MultiPlan on Your Behalf

Everyone’s path through drug and alcohol addiction treatment is different. That is why we work so closely with you to help ensure you get the best care possible. Our goal is to make certain you get to use all of your insurance benefits with us. We want to assure if you need to use your MultiPlan alcohol abuse coverage or drug abuse coverage, our treatment fits within your plan.

Our MultiPlan rehabs are flexible. We offer a wide range of treatment programs to fit most needs. This includes drug and alcohol detox, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment. We also offer evidence-based and holistic care plans including medication-assisted treatment.

How Much Will You Pay? 

Our MultiPlan substance abuse treatment is designed to meet your needs. Because this is a customized treatment plan, your cost of care is dependent on many factors. This includes the type of treatment plan you have and how long you stay with us to work through it. Additionally, there are varied costs associated with psychiatric services and the pharmacy requirements set by your plan.

As one of the trusted rehabs that accepts MultiPlan, we want to be as transparent as possible with you about costs. Our team will provide you with MultiPlan insurance verification when reaching out to us. You’ll learn, in confidence, what type of coverage your plan offers. We are happy to answer any additional questions about your costs at that time.

Why Choose Buena Vista Recovery? 

Addiction recovery is a complex process. By providing you with a beautiful, safe, welcoming and comfortable place to focus on healing, we are confident you can be in a good position for long-lasting recovery.

We’re here to support you through the treatment process with modern therapies and superb staff. Contact us now. Simply complete the insurance verification form or call our compassionate counselors for immediate help.