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When you are looking for the most effective drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ, for yourself or a loved one, come to Buena Vista Recovery. A family-focused, patient-oriented detoxification and rehab support center, our facility in Cave Creek is the area’s top resource for medically managed inpatient and residential care. Located just 45 minutes north of Phoenix, we’re easily accessible from wherever you are in the city or its suburbs. Our licensed professionals understand that seeking help for drug or alcohol addiction isn’t easy and we are committed to seeing you all the way through to recovery.

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Why Choose an In-State Treatment Facility

There are many options for rehab facilities, but choosing our drug or alcohol rehab in Phoenix means getting help in a place that’s easily accessible and convenient for you. Consider some of the significant benefits that come from using an in-state addiction treatment facility:

  • Lower costs — When you opt for substance abuse treatment in Phoenix, AZ, you save the expense of traveling out of state. From airfare to gasoline to hotel rooms, those costs can add up fast, so eliminate them completely by choosing a local facility.
  • Proximity to loved ones — If you have family and friends in the area who would like to be part of your recovery process, choosing local Phoenix substance abuse treatment makes that much more possible. Your loved ones will already be nearby and accessible. This allows them to visit, be involved in group therapy and provide emotional support.

Programs Available at Our Phoenix Rehab Center

Our substance abuse programs offer everything you or your loved one needs to succeed. Here’s a look at our available programs, each of which can be individualized to your needs:

  • Medical detox — We provide detox treatment under the supervision of board-certified physicians and highly qualified nurses. Our alcohol and drug detox programs are designed to safely ease patients through various withdrawal symptoms. This may include prescribing medication.
  • Inpatient — In a comfortable residential setting, our inpatient program involves hours of focused time getting to the root of addiction issues. Patients work with therapists one-on-one and in various group settings.
  • Therapy — To minimize relapses, we offer therapies that give patients tools to deal with typical addiction triggers. We use a broad range of treatment approaches in order to customize programs to our patients’ needs.

At Buena Vista Recovery, we want to help you get the treatment you need. Whether you’re looking for an alcohol detox or professional therapy, we can help. Set within easy reach of Phoenix, our facility is here to help patients take back control of their lives. Begin your recovery by reaching out to us for more information or by completing the online insurance verification process.

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