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Arizona Addiction Treatment Facility

When you or someone you love needs an Arizona rehab center, Buena Vista Recovery in Cave Creek is here to help. Recognized as a top addiction treatment facility in Arizona, we are family focused and patient-oriented. People of all ages come to us for medically managed inpatient and residential detoxification support that enables them to succeed. The first step to combat drug and alcohol addiction is always the hardest, but with the licensed, professional team at Buena Vista Recovery, you or your loved one has the best possibly path forward.

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The Benefits of Choosing an In-State Treatment Facility

While we see patients from all over the country, those who come from Arizona enjoy several advantages. The benefits of choosing a nearby facility include:

  • Affordability — When you choose a local Arizona addiction treatment facility, you eliminate several significant costs. Rather than paying to travel out of state, you enjoy the easy access of a facility near you.
  • Proximity to family and friends — Relatives or friends who wish to be accessible to a patient in treatment don’t have to travel far or take up temporary residence in another state. They can stay in their own Arizona homes and still be nearby. Whether you’re from Phoenix, Scottsdale or anywhere in between, you’re not too far away from home with our Arizona substance abuse programs.
  • Local support after the program — When you choose an Arizona addiction treatment facility, you work with professionals who already know the area and its medical providers. This makes it easier to establish an aftercare plan.

Available Programs at Our Arizona Addiction Treatment Facility

Buena Vista Recovery specializes in a variety of Arizona substance abuse programs, such as:

  • Medical detox — Our caring, medically supervised detoxification services are specially designed to rid the patient’s body of chemical toxins, alcohol or drugs before addiction recovery begins..
  • InpatientFor patients who have already gone through detox, we provide inpatient rehab in a comfortable, modern residential facility. This program can last between seven and 28 days, depending on your needs.
  • Therapy — To lessen the chances of relapse, we provide various types of therapy to help our patients deal with the triggers that drew them into substance abuse.

No matter what type of care you or your loved one needs, Buena Vista Recovery is the facility you can trust to provide it. Our experienced, credentialed, compassionate team is recognized as one of the best in the industry. Let us provide the support that makes a difference.

Where Our Patients Live in Arizona

Our patients come to us from all over the state, including:

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